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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A new tutorial

This is just a very short post to let you know I have posted a new tutorial in “Mixed Media Tutorials”. A few years ago I was shown this technique. I planned to make a new rug to go on the hardwood floor along the “kitty coming in from the rain highway”, and thought this might be something others would like to make.

It uses up a lot of scrap fabrics and you are only limited by how big you make this and how easily you can wiggle it around on your sewing machine. As you sew it, you need to roll it up. It could easily be adapted for anything, like pillows for example.

I am also in the planning stages of a couple more tutorials for my doll making friends, I’ll post those a little later down the road. In the meantime, please check out the new one and see what you think. That is all… ;o)


Saturday, January 6, 2018

New Year 2018 Refresh

I’ve spent the better part of three days doing a refresh of my blog. I had to delete my website last fall because the ISP retired it’s free web space service. I had some really nice graphics from my website and I didn’t want them to go to waste, so I’m going over time, use them in some way on my blog.

The redesign is a bit of a hint to what a friend and I are going to do for a week in July. We have reserved a week at the local gallery and are planning what we hope will be a very successful show. Positive attitude always helps. ;o) If you click on the “EVENTS” tab just below my blog header, you’ll find things that I’m working toward as they get closer. I have four events this year, so far two are posted.

beautifullaugh (2)

There are three pages of free tutorials on my blog. They aren’t new, but the pages were needing to be fixed. I’m here to say, I really can’t stand the Blogger platform. I use Open Live Writer for writing my blog posts and it’s perfect. I’ve used it for years and in the past year or so, it became open source software. It always was free, but Microsoft was going to do away with it, but because so many people use it, a group of techs on their own time, took it over and revived it. Check it out if you can’t stand blogger’s platform either, CLICK HERE if you want to try it. It works on WordPress and others, all the info is on the site. Check it out.

The other complaint about blogger, is the feature of putting pages on your blog to do things like offer things for sale, or freebies or what have you. The complaint is that I am forced to use the blogger platform to set up pages and each and every time I try to do that, the pictures shift, or the text shifts, or they both move at the same time. Just when you think you have it all lined up and looking okay, you upload the changes, take a look and find that things have moved again. Or, there are spaces that shouldn’t be there, the text isn’t the size you made it…on and on. I gave up after fearing I would throw my keyboard at the screen.

Instead, I got proactive and instead made combined text and image boxes and uploaded those. So if you’ve ever tried to download some freebie and it didn’t work, it will now. I’ve checked every link and at this point in time, all is working well. Nobody tells me when the links are broken, so if you find that to be the case, just let me know so I can fix it. The three pages for tutorials are, Mixed Media Tutorials, Cross Stitch, and Little Doll Things.

There are also some things to buy on the pages, dolls, a class, and a couple of small tutorials. Maybe there’s something for you. Here are just a few nice quotes to give you a little feel good moment. I never give up trying new things and if you’re doubting yourself, don’t. The only person who matters and enjoys what you do more than anyone else, is you yourself. So press on and be happy in whatever you love doing.  I was once told by someone that I have this desire to be famous, but if they really knew me, they would know that’s a complete 180 from my actual desires. Silly people…lol





Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Victorian Santa–for me

Last Christmas I made four big Mr. and Mrs. Claus’s for a customer. When they came to pick them up, they asked what Santa’s I had in my own collection. I had to stand there and admit I didn’t have any of my own. I make them for others, but never seem to get any made for my own collection. But this year I was determined to change that trend, so I did.

This is MY Victorian Santa. ;o~  I used Sherry Goshon’s Santa Face press mold. The hood of the coat is from her design as I really love that look, but the rest of the costume is my own. I made the coat into a cape instead. The fabric for the cape and hood is called Melton cloth. A description of Melton cloth I found is:

Melton fabric is a dense tightly woven fabric that is felted and heavily brushed for an ultra soft hand. This versatile fabric can be used for coats, jackets, vests, blankets and historical clothing replications.”

I have it in this creamy white and some cherry red. I’m keeping it for special projects. It is not cheap, but is just so perfect for those special projects. I see it’s available on HERE. in the US. And for my Canadian followers, I found this link in ALBERTA.

On the end of the hood, I’ve stitched on a fabric style button front and back, and of course added the tassel. The tassel is good for adding weight to the hood and holds it in a nice position. The fur is rabbit. I found some pieces in a shop that was clearing out a lot of miscellaneous things, so I grabbed all they had.


The shirt is meant to be a faux shirt, but instead I made it a full shirt with an added collar and cuffs. He has a leather belt and I used upholstery fabric for his trousers.


I gave him a crown of pearls and sparkle leaves, the hood wraps around his face making the pearls and leaves really enhance his face, and below his chin, the beard stands up nicely. The staff is a little twist from the norm. I wanted to make more of a vintage/shabby chic style Santa in white and gold. I took apart some sprays that I’ve collected from places like the dollar store and others.


I also found a lantern for him to hold, and it lights up.


The hands are made with white felt. Once the hands were attached to the arms and before I attached them to the body, I decided to hand stitch the hands to change to the look, to look more like gloves. The cape is lined with a gentle patterned Christmas cotton.


The embellishments at the base are a rocking horse, an old rusty key, a vintage car whose doors open (love Christmas, you can find the best trims and treats). I also found this little row of metal trees, the tallest is about 7” tall. The shoes are made with the Melton cloth, foam for the soles and a trim around the base, finished with fur around the tops.


And that’s it. I am hoping to get something else done in the next couple of days, totally 180 deg. from doll making. So stay tuned. Enjoy… ;o)



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